Get started with Stellar

Get started with Stellar

We’re thrilled to hear you’re interested in getting involved with Stellar! 
Our onboarding process is designed to protect the rights to your artwork, and maintain the high level of quality our customers expect from the Stellar store. We’d love to have you join us, so take a moment to familiarise yourself with the process below - then drop us a line!

1. Expression of interest

First, email us at register your interest.

2. All about you

When we receive your form, we’ll reach out to start a conversation with you. We want to hear all about the games you’ve published and the artwork you want to showcase on Stellar. Acceptance isn’t guaranteed - to keep the quality level of Stellar as high as our creators deserve, it’s important that we vet all candidates - but please don’t rule yourself out. If you’ve published, designed, or illustrated a game with beautiful artwork, and you have the rights to use those assets, we’d love to help you share your creation with the world. 

3. Onboarding

Once we’ve talked and we’re ready to move ahead, we start the onboarding process. First, you’ll fill out a form that gives us the information we need to draw up an agreement to distribute your work. At this stage, you’ll also provide the assets we need for your Creator Profile on the Stellar website. These assets include a logo, a header image, links to your relevant websites, and a company or creator bio.

4. Sign agreement

We send you the agreement to sign. Once you’ve signed and returned it, we countersign and send through your copy. Now you’re good to go!

5. Upload artwork

It’s time to upload your first artwork to Stellar. For each artwork you submit, you’ll need to fill out a short form to confirm that you own the rights to the piece. You’ll also provide an artwork description and credits for use on the Stellar site. This is to ensure that nobody else can take advantage of your work. As the owner, the benefits are all yours. 

Ready to begin? Drop us a line at and become our next Stellar star!

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