3 ways Stellar will lift your game

3 ways Stellar will lift your game

Stellar Prints offer a brand new way to showcase game art. These vibrant metal plates are far sturdier than posters, cheaper than framed prints, and easier than both to swap, store, mix and match. Most importantly, for board game publishers, designers, and artists, Stellar Prints represent an exciting new way to use existing assets to reach new customers and create passive income.

Explore the top three reasons to sign up to Stellar today.

Stellar is good for your customers.

We once encountered a board game fan so eager to decorate his walls with his favourite hobby, he cut the covers off his game boxes and had them framed. Collectors shouldn't have to destroy their games in the pursuit of stylish decor. What this story and others like it show us is that the board game market is growing all the time, and as it grows, so does the demand for board game merchandise. Stellar can help you meet that demand.

Stellar Prints are high-quality full-colour metal posters. Magnet-mounted, colourfast and sturdy, they're engineered to withstand being swapped, moved, and endlessly admired. Available in a range of formats and sizes, a Stellar Plate is the canvas your game art deserves, offering the quality your fans demand. And the story doesn't end there. As Stellar grows, our range of merch options is slated to expand in some exciting new directions.

With Stellar you can make sure your art ends up in the hands of everyone, or project backers only, or just a select few lucky collectors. You can use Stellar in conjunction with crowdfunding sites to create rewards limited to project backers only. Or, explore Stellar Drops, and offer limited-edition numbered runs of key products to boost collectability and build hype.

If your fans want more from you - and they're willing to pay for it - why deny them?

Stellar is good for your business.

Wastage is a real problem in any business. Board game art can be expensive - in the process of creating a game, the art may be one of your most costly investments. If you use that art just once, for the game itself, you're letting an important asset go to waste.

Got some beautiful artworks tucked away on a hard drive somewhere? Pull them out into the light and put them to work for you. With a simple upload process, you can have your artworks up and selling on the Stellar store in no time.

The benefits are many: taking your place on the Stellar store will expose your art and your games to a broader audience, attracting board game fans who might not have encountered your game elsewhere. But more important are those two magic words: passive income. Stellar gives you the opportunity to create a new, ongoing, effort-free income source using assets you already own. It's a no-brainer.

Stellar is good for you.

Up ‘til now, maybe you've felt it's not worth the time, effort, and financial investment of dealing with merchandise - and that's understandable! Nobody wants to risk paying for minimum order quantities of hundreds or thousands of pieces of merchandise that may never sell. The risk is too high.

Stellar removes the risk. As a print-on-demand service, it allows you to quickly and easily upload your art assets to the Stellar Store, with no financial investment required. Not only are there no upfront costs, there's no costs to you at all. Stellar takes a percentage of each sale to cover manufacturing and shipping costs, taking care of all the nuts and bolts. The rest of the profit is all yours.

As for the time and effort? Once you've uploaded your art assets, your work is done. You'll never need to deal with marketing, orders, shipping, or customer service. Stellar is pure set-and-forget. Minimum effort, minimum risk… maximum opportunity to profit.

In the end, the question isn't "Why use Stellar?" It's "Why not?"

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